Model 100 Sunrooms Get the most out of life while sitting in your screen room by Sunspace. You create the design, we build to suit. Your screen room will now become a great place to entertain company, family get togethers or just to sit and relax without the bugs driving you inside. Every region of the continent has its fair share of good and bad weather. With a Sunspace Sunroom you can control the harsh conditions that might otherwise keep you inside. Overexposure to sun, rain and wind can spoil an afternoon outside, but not anymore. Sunspace Model 100 can easily be upgraded to Model 200 at any time! Don’t let nature lock you inside, rather enjoy the season from the comfort of your new screen room by Sunspace.

Sunspace Sunrooms offer several styles and specifications to meet our clients' needs.

  1. Screen Rooms
  2. Vinyl Enclosures
  3. 3-Season Rooms
  4. Thermal  Sunrooms

It is important to know the advantages and specifications and budget considerations of each. We would be happy to discuss this to allow you to make the decision that best meets your needs and budget

See brief descriptions at bottom of page. Also, at the far bottom, see an open letter from Joe Nangle, the owner of Sunspace of Philly,  discussing what you should consider when choosing between 3-season and 4-season sunrooms.

Model 400 Sunroom Building on the three season sunroom, the Model 400 Thermal Sunroom by Sunspace takes you to a new level in comfort. By offering 3" extruded insulated aluminum pillars and double glazed windows, this Thermal Sunroom allows you to extend your seasons enjoyment. With a Sunspace Thermal Sunroom you will adding a new high quality, customized and comfortable living space to your home or cottage. Every region of the country has their fair share of good and bad weather. Don’t let nature lock you inside, rather enjoy the seasons from the comfort of your new Sunspace Sunroom.

The Model 300, 3 Season Sunroom by Sunspace is a bright addition to any home or cottage. Sunspace 2” extruded insulated aluminum pillars with single glazed glass gives the 3 Season Sunroom strength, stability and a virtually maintenance free exterior. For seasonal use the Sunspace Patio Room System is just right. High density 2" foam panels and heavy gauge 2" aluminum extrusions will make your favorite seasons last that much longer. Offering a wide selection of top quality door and window systems, this room is custom-designed to fit your needs. Aluminum framed, double roller windows offering ventilation out of both sides of the window, with no fixed side as both sashes operate! Roof systems are available to meet your needs, whether it is for a cathedral ceiling or a contemporary studio pitch roof, over an existing deck or porch or perhaps even a carport. Not only are you adding living space to your home or cottage, but you are also adding value with a Three Season Sunroom from Sunspace. Type your paragraph here.


Thanks for your interest in our 3 and 4 season rooms. I have been in the building business for over 35 years and a lot of that in  providing my clients enhanced outdoor living.

I get several calls each week from people that say that they want a sunroom. some say they want either a 3 or 4- season room, and they are not sure which and what are the major differences. I hope to shed some light on those questions.

There is a very obvious initial answer, " the major difference is one season". However, there is more to realize. Getting the winter's use from your 4 -season sunroom requires a level of specification that surprises many people, for example, thermally broken wall sections and windows, argon filled insulated glass, better insulated floors and roofs. This list of these specifications are due to energy. Some others are due to how these spaces are considered by building code officials, foundations, wiring, etc.

If you are considering building your sunroom on an existing deck or patio you should first think seriously about the differences between 3 and 4 season rooms. A 4-season room should require an insulated floor. The best way is to remove the deck and install an insulated panel floor, (see below).

Some people can not fathom the idea of removing a perfectly good deck to install an insulated floor. 

Many, begin to question, "Do we really want 4-seasons?". Most of our competitors will only propose 4-season rooms. I recently built a 3-season room for a client that had received several proposals from our 4-season only competitors. Their proposals for a 12' x 14' 4- season room were $38-45k. Our contract for a 3-season room is $18k.

You should by now be asking, " ok, what specifically is the difference?."  We build 3- season rooms on the existing deck or patio, saving great cost. We build with light weight Weathermaster Windows, more akin to screens to lower the weight and cost. This allows the rooms to be considered as "screen rooms" by building officials, again, drastically reducing costs. Small space heaters can be added.

We at Sunspace do offer 4-season rooms as shown above as Model 400, but many people think this is the only type of sunroom available. I hope I have given you an option that you might not have considered.

I would be have to discuss any questions. Call 610 585 4575

Joe nangle 

Owner, Sunspace of Philly


Sunspace Sunrooms are modular units that are custom designed for your home and manufactured in a temperature controlled environment, ensuring the highest quality. Our units can be installed directly onto an existing patio, deck, and even under a previously constructed roof!  Designed to extend your enjoyment of the outdoors without the usual annoyances of wind, rain, insects and harmful UV rays.  Whether it’s a children’s playroom, a new addition to entertain, or simply a cozy place to relax, a new Sunspace Sunroom will add beauty, functionality and value to your home.

Model 200 Sunrooms Style, safety and flexible designs are the cornerstones of our WeatherMaster Window Systems.  With a variety of wall and window frame colors to choose from you have the versatility to color match your new Sunroom with the existing exterior of your home or cottage.  WeatherMaster Window, Door and Enclosure Systems combine the open feeling of a screen room and the comfort and convenience of an enclosed porch. Designed specifically for porches, screen enclosures and even gazebos, the WeatherMaster System is easily installed and can convert any of these areas into your favorite room in the house. With a variety of products to choose from to suit your specific needs and custom applications, WeatherMaster products are an economical way to expand the functionality of any space while adding beauty and value to your home. Made with two inch foam panels and extrusions, the walls incorporate the versatile WeatherMaster 4-Track Vinyl Window System. These window units slide up or down effortlessly allowing a generous 75% ventilation opening! WeatherMaster Vinyl Windows are made with durable View Flex glazed vinyl, and are available in 4 different tint colors: Clear, Smoke Grey, Dark Grey and Bronze. Custom aluminum frame colors are also available!

What's the difference between 3 and 4 - season rooms? Why would I want  a 3-season room?